Self Directed Trading

Self Directed Trading

Long Leaf Trading Group offers professional futures and options traders access to global markets and competitive trading costs. Sophisticated trading technology provides the necessary tools the modern trader demands.  Get access to agriculture, currencies, energies, equity indices, treasuries, metals all from a single platform.


Some of the things you will receive through Long Leaf’s self-directed services:

Easy to enter order platforms.

Drop down menus, price ladders, command line order placement are available through our offered platforms. Stop/Loss orders, market, limit, stop-with-limit, etc. can all be placed and executed. The use of stop loss or contingent orders may not protect profits or limit losses to the amount intended. Certain market conditions make it difficult or impossible to execute such orders.

Real time quotes and charts.

Staring at delayed data can be more than costly when trading in these markets. Long Leaf keeps you up to the moment with live data feeds and interactive real-time charts that allow you to have the most available data in order to make timely trading decisions.

Streaming news.

Stay in tune with what is driving the market through a live streaming news feed. Ever been stuck wondering what that USDA crop report had to say or what the Fed’s comments were in the Fed minutes? You don’t have to scramble all over the net any longer. Let the news come to you.

Access to real-time account information.

Keep your account balanced through constant on-line monitoring. Margin information, working orders, watch lists, etc. are all available through your secure connection to your account.

Market research.

Get daily market research that will keep you informed on the fundamentals of the marketplace. You will receive daily access to the research from Hightower, Helms, Kespert, and more!

Phone a Broker.

Away from the screen and need to get something done? Call the Long Leaf Trading Group trade desk at no extra cost!

Although you may be an independent minded, self sufficient trader, Long Leaf is here to help you with your needs.