Our Services

Customization is our specialty. Brokerage services deliver more than a rigid one-size-fits-all approach.

We offer three basic levels of service that we help clients tailor to meet their trading needs.

Need a lot of help? Just looking to trade on your own and need solid execution? Looking for a managed program that trades markets you are interested in? No problem. We have it.

Time Means Money™

Time Means Money™ is a proprietary option selling program offered to Long Leaf Trading Group clients. Its unique option selling techniques and principles are taught using first class educational material that comes as part of the comprehensive service.


Self Directed Trading

Our self directed trading service is geared for the trader likes to work independently. Take advantage of our diverse product platform offerings and trade your plan. A fully staffed trade desk is here to always assist you if you need phone execution.


Broker Premier

Our Broker Premier service is what we offer for those who would like to work with a market professional. Need a set of eyes and ears to monitor and keep you updated on what’s going on? Do you prefer a more personal level of service where you work with an individual you can rely on? Our Broker Premier service provides a more comprehensive level of service for our clients.